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Remove non ascii chars

Free tool for remove non ascii characters from file online

Big part of people thinking that characters from "english keyboard" - it is ascii characters, but everything else is not. But there are about 30 charcters that you will not found on "english keyboard" but it also belongs to ASCII. This tool created for remove non ascii characters from file online, but it also removing some useles ascii chars. It also helping to remove invisible chars from file and remove binary characters from text file online, but do not remove useful characters like: "end of line", "tab","carriage return". Hope that customer understanding that characters that belongs to "other" languages except English do not belongs to ASCII and will also be remove from file. This tool is compleately free, you choosing file, clicking to "Go" button.

Please be informed that "download" option is checked by default, but you can choose "view" option and you will see part of your file but without non ascii characters instead of file download.

File with non ascii characters: downloadview

This is some example. Left part of image - file that was opened in LibreOffice with "Latin" encoding. Right part of image - same file with binary chars but in simple text editor, and binary chars are not visible.